There’s a lot of podcasts out there and not a lot of time, even on 2x speed.

As of 2019, there have been over 770,000 podcasts launched. Multiply that by the number of episodes released each day, and that’s a lof of content that audience members need to sift through.

Anatomy was created to help podcast listeners find amazing content by getting feedback from the people that know podcasts best, other podcast listeners!

Most importantly, Anatomy relies on its community to help others listeners understand how good each episode is and what about them is worth discussing. The more feedback provided, the more useful this site becomes. Without each of you, Anatomy could not exist, so THANK YOU.

Episodic vs. Serialized Podcasts

Episodic podcasts share “one-and-done” episodes where the content of previous episodes has little-to-no impact on future episodes. You typically do not need the context of prior episodes to understand the most recent. Examples include the nightly news or sketch comedy shows.

Serialized podcasts build storylines on an episode-by-episode basis, and therefore they are best consumed from start to finish (as opposed to episodic podcasts which can be started at any point).

We have done our best to categorize these podcasts to give more information to listeners.