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May 10, 2019

Let’s Grow the F**k Up. Together.

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Did you ever think being an adult would be this hard? Neither did hosts Michelle Buteau and Jordan Carlos.

That’s why they’re talking it out with some of the funniest, most creative people around, including Jim Gaffigan, Wyatt Cenac, Danielle Brooks, Phoebe Robinson and so many more. Plus, they answer the questions that haunt us all, like “What is an acceptable amount of money to spend on pillows?” and "Is it okay that I eat cereal three times a day?"

Listen to this preview and subscribe wherever you get your podcasts. Episode 1 will be here before you know it! Let’s grow the f**k up. Together.

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Join hosts Michelle Buteau and Jordan Carlos as they navigate the rough waters of adulthood with the help of hilarious adult guests like Phoebe Robinson, Jim Gaffigan and Danielle Brooks. Taxes? Ew! Asking for a raise? Yuck! Killing a mouse? No thanks. Plus: answers to all your adulting questions.

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