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Jun 03, 2020

Badass Unscripted – Check In On Your Vision

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Know what you can do with all this spare time?  Put the good stuff in your leadership fuel tank….check in on your vision.  Everyday.  Connect with it deeply, and let it inspire you to do more, do next.

Those who stay in tune with their purpose will have an easier time adapting in chaos and leading from ‘where they are’.



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May 31, 2020

Episode 136 – Leaders Don’t Need Scripts

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There’s something about a badass – an authentic leader – that exudes certainty and natural presence.

If your conversations are littered with scripts that you learn in a course or read in a book, eventually everyone starts using the same ones.  Your conversations sound rehearsed and inauthentic.  “Holding space” and “honouring your journey” become overused and deteriorate your credibility.

So don’t buy into scripts.  Focus on being in real conversations with real people consistently (not just when things blow up), and the right thing to say becomes automatic.


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Welcome to my new segment, “Agile In Toronto At Night”!

This is all about meeting with the great minds and personalities on the Toronto Scene.  Who better to share my first round with than The Legend – Jason Little.  If you haven’t checked out his work – please do.  He’s THE name in Agile Change Management.  By the time this airs you will have missed the start of his current class, but check out his upcoming schedule.

PS – the Greek place was Penelope on King.   The Mexican place remains a mystery.  Like The Legend Himself.  Alright I’ll stop now.

Find Jason here:



Twitter – @jasonlittle


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Every week or so, I want to give you a glimpse into what goes down in our immersive leadership experience – The Forge.  A few weeks ago I recorded this segment on how an elite team elicits powerful feedback…and it has a lot to do with attitude.  One of our traditions that helps welcome difficult feedback is the phrase “thank you for making me better”.

Learn a little bit about it here…and if you can’t be in The Forge with us, join our new Facebook Group – The Badass Agile Listener Lounge.


It’s a great way to stay in touch, peek behind the scenes and get some Badass Agile Exclusives!

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May 25, 2020

Episode 135 – Your Uncommon Edge

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So you’re a certified so-and-so…don’t let an industry or a job description define you. Be distinct.  Start building your hero genetics.  We’re overstocked on sameness and average.  Ditch the script from the mothership and do something uncommon.   I have three suggestions for you this week.  They might just speak to you.  Try ’em out.  This could be your edge.


Stay badass, my people.

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May 21, 2020

Badass Unscripted – Reduce, Reduce, Reduce

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At a time of so much increased noise and anxiety, its time that we once again return to fundamentals as we help teams become more agile.  So what could you reduce this week – in terms of frameworks, rules, and complexity?



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Blockers that come up repeatedly are a symptom…even the most complex issue can be worked around or decomposed.somehow.  The problem occurs when nothing moves; creating delays and other diseases.

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May 14, 2020

Badass Unscripted – What Could You Let Go Of?

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The right question is not “How can I be more confident, more leader-like, more influential…?”, but rather, “what beliefs and stories am I hanging on to that I should let go of?”

Can you let go of the need to perfect, to be right, to be accepted and wanted?  Can you let go of the need for certainty or an easy life?  What about your fears?

What about your need for approval?

If you’re trying to influence people and make change – you need to make sure your game is tight first.

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John Patton
Dec 18, 2019

Great show - lots of discussion about why you should be thinking agile not just teaching agile. Start here if your getting started with agile.

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