Baby Tortoises Love Faces, and That’s a Big Deal for Science

Curiosity Daily Oct 29, 2020



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Learn how deliberate practice makes perfect, what the New England Vampire Panic is, and how baby tortoises are attracted to faces from birth.

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Practice Won’t Make Perfect, But Deliberate Practice Might by Ashley Hamer
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After the Salem Witch Trials, There Was the New England Vampire Panic by Reuben Westmaas
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Baby tortoises are attracted to faces from birth, which means faces have been important for a long time by Grant Currin
Tortoise hatchlings are attracted to faces from birth. (2020). EurekAlert!
‌Versace, E., Damini, S., & Stancher, G. (2020). Early preference for face-like stimuli in solitary species as revealed by tortoise hatchlings. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 202011453.

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