NFL Week 11, Warren Sharp, And James “Buster” Corley The Creator Of Dave & Buster’s

Pardon My Take Nov 20, 2020



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Seahawks get their shit together against the Cardinals and Kyler is hurt (maybe) (2:24 – 7:17). Quick NBA Draft talk and Joe Judge maybe getting in a fight (7:17 – 13:10). NFL Week 11 preview, Cant Lose Parlay, and Fantasy Canadians (13:10 – 35:45). Catching up with Warren Sharp on which teams are frauds and which teams are for real plus a couple picks from him for Week 11 betting (35:45 – 66:15). James Buster Corley, the creator of Dave & Busters joins the show to talk about how he founded the greatest restaurant of all time, his favorite games and stories, and the famous Busters guy (66:15 – 98:17). We finish with Billy’s stupid parlays and Fyre Fest of the week.