Ryan Whitney, NBA Playoffs, Don’t Call Bryson Brooksy And Mayweather/Paul For Monday Reading

Pardon My Take Jun 07, 2021



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Blake Griffin is back and we talk about Bryson DeChambeua’s meltdown after everyone called him Brooksy (3:05 – 13:17). NBA playoffs and Big Cat went to a Nets game (13:17 – 25:50). Talking PLL, the waterdogs sucks, and F1 (25:50 – 39:15). Who’s back of the week (39:15 – 48:24). Ryan Whitney joins the show to talk some hockey, Biz’s bet, and sick league (48:24 – 82:21). We finish with a live watch of the terrible Mayweather/Paul fight and save you the hassle of trying to find highlights.