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Dec 05, 2019

Everything is not what it appears! #56

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We’re on a road, the road is the journey, the journey is life. Today's episode is another Story Of Song, where we do a deep dive into the lyrics of a song, this one being Everything Is Not What It Appears. I loved recording this, and am sure that if you feel called to listen you will find whatever you need in this moment. Full show notes at https://nakedwithnate.com/everything (https://nakedwithnate.com/everything) Support this podcast
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I laughed a lot, and cried a little, with today's guest Kate McGill (Thanks so much to past-guest Kina Grannis for connecting us). Kate is a sincere and delightful badass of musical magnificence and podcast inspiration via her songwriting skills and her We Dive Deeper podcast! We ramble through many topics, from our struggles to eat well to how Kate has grieved and processed her mother's recent death. As I say in the intro, while editing this podcast I realised that I laughed a lot during this one, and that is one of Kate's gifts for sure, to bring joy, whether in the shadows or the light. Full Show Notes, with links to the unedited video version, Kate McGill's podcast and more are at https://nakedwithnate.com/katemcgill (https://nakedwithnate.com/katemcgill) Support this podcast
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This is for sure an adult-only episode, as my guest is the delightful porn starlet Lily Labeau! Watch the exclusive video version of this on Patreon (https://www.patreon.com/posts/31610188) ! We cover sooooo many topics, from spirituality to BDSM to dating as a porn star to becoming a birthing doula...and OH SO MUCH more (links at the show notes (https://nakedwithnate.com/lily) )! I found this to be another wonderful reminder of the humanness of all of us, walking along doing our best to find our way to something meaningful. Some of the things we chat about are: Does Lily Labeau believe in God? Why she loves BDSM Why Lily loves crying during a BDSM scene/session Lily gives us an introduction to BDSM and fun ways to get started Talking about how being healthy is sexy Botox, plastic surgery and ageing on camera Praying to the divine feminine The shame I felt the first time I had sex We went on a self-love tangent (yay for masturbation!) Why Lily loves Make Love Not Porn What her family thinks about it How porn has taught Lily about herself and her shadow Lily says that Kundalini Yoga is soul medicine She tells us how she's studying do be a yoga doula What’s dating like as a porn-star? And, if you can believe it, even more! Full show-notes at nakedwithnate.com/lily (https://nakedwithnate.com/lily) Support this podcast
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Growing from around 100k to over 1 million followers in 2019 thanks to her simple, to-the-point and effective tools for 'self healers' around the world, The Holistic Psychologist (Dr Nicole) joins me for a deep exploration of: Why she thinks she has experienced such viral growth on Instagram in 2019 How her fellow psychologists have responded to her holistic approach What happens when we drop out of a self-care practice How Nicole came up with the hashtag #selfhealers and why self-healing is so important to her Why she thinks that consciousness is a foundational practice How self-study, inspired by Dr Nicole’s scary physical symptoms, blew her mind about the meat-suit she was in Dr Nicole’s opinion about plant-medicine and psychedelic-assisted therapy How tiny promises to yourself lead to huge changes over time https://nakedwithnate.com/theholisticpsychologist (https://nakedwithnate.com/theholisticpsychologist) Support this podcast
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Nov 07, 2019

How 10 wild days gave me faith in myself #52

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Ten days on a wilderness survival course showed me parts of myself I had forgotten existed. Join me as I share some of this story, in the hopes that it inspires you to find your edges and go beyond them. Full show-notes at https://www.nakedwithnate.com/10-wild-days Support this podcast
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Oct 31, 2019

Integrating a mystical experience #51

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I thought that I'd feel amazing after having a mystical experience during a plant medicine ceremony...and yet I woke up the next day feeling so heavy, so human. This is the story of how I wrote the song Every Leaf while struggling to integrate a powerful plant medicine experience. Full show notes at https://nakedwithnate.com/everyleaf Support this podcast
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Kina Grannis shares her incredible stories with humility, humour and gentle wisdom in today's episode...which also happens to be the 50th episode! Yay us! Find full show notes, with quotes, links and more, at https://nakedwithnate.com/kina (https://nakedwithnate.com/kina) Support this podcast
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Kellie Harper
Dec 26, 2019

“Telling the truth is a revolutionary act”. Join Nate Maingard, singer-songwriter, truth-speaker and modern troubadour, as he shares uplifting, vulnerable and enlightening conversations, music and journals, exploring this one human life with infectious lightness, depth, humour and curiosity. If you seek authenticity, don’t fit the mould, want to experience more joy or are someone who loves depth, then this is for you!

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