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Bruce Brown went for it and our PLL team better start winning. Nets/Bucks and other NBA playoffs (3:33 – 14:17). Bruins lose and we talk the 12 team CFB playoff (14:17 – 29:42). Kirk Goldsberry joins the show to talk NBA Playoffs, Jokic MVP, the Nets super team, and the Grateful Dead (29:42 – 66:02). Mr Portnoy joins the show to catch up with the guys and test his brain to make sure hes sharp as ever (66:02 – 98:46). We finish with fyre fest of the week

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Nikola Jokic wins MVP and we celebrate as a regular season Nuggets podcast. Also fat boys everywhere have a Champion (3:33 – 13:50). The Nets are absolutely unstoppable and the Suns crowd is the best (13:50 – 27:12). Hockey playoff talk as the Canadiens are unstoppable (27:12 – 32:53). Aaron Rodgers holds out and we wish him happiness (32:53 – 37:16). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Arch Manning and Lebron telling people to not count him out (37:16 – 58:34). Coach Wade Phillips joins the show to talk about his career in coaching, his best players, Wadeisms, and how his dad paid for him by illegally racing a quarter horse in Louisiana (58:34 – 105:36). We finish the show with a couple segments and FAQ’s

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Blake Griffin is back and we talk about Bryson DeChambeua’s meltdown after everyone called him Brooksy (3:05 – 13:17). NBA playoffs and Big Cat went to a Nets game (13:17 – 25:50). Talking PLL, the waterdogs sucks, and F1 (25:50 – 39:15). Who’s back of the week (39:15 – 48:24). Ryan Whitney joins the show to talk some hockey, Biz’s bet, and sick league (48:24 – 82:21). We finish with a live watch of the terrible Mayweather/Paul fight and save you the hassle of trying to find highlights.

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Lebron and the Lakers are DEAD. We talk about Lebron’s first first round playoff exit and maybe becoming a Suns podcast (2:37 – 19:22).. Alternate start to the show because Coach K retired (19:22 – 41:59). Hank recaps his favorite Duke memories and Big Cat responds in kind. Brad Stevens is promoted and Danny Ainge is out (41:59 – 48:12). We talk NBA and NHL playoffs (48:12 – 67:17). Chris Bosh joins the show to talk about his new book, being Lebron’s teammate, and fan/player interactions (67:17 – 99:23). We finish with Fyre Fest of the week.

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Its just us for a mega recap of an awesome long weekend in sports. We break down all of the NBA playoff series and disavow bad fan actions while also understanding what it means to be a regular fan (2:47 – 28:30). Lebron will have to be superman and Luka conspiracy theories (28:30 – 43:12). Leaf fans weigh in on another playoff collapse with a #BigMad segment (43:12 – 61:48). Who’s back of the week and Hot Seat/Cool Throne, Talking Tennis Naomi Osaka and Monday Reading (61:48 – 99:26).

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RIP Harambe 5 years after his death. (2:30-5:02) The Lakers beat the Suns and the Heat tried to play a basketball game. (5:03-8:40) Fans going wild in New York and Philly and we have a rule to fix it all. (8:41-22:47) PR 101 for Amazon and Bubba reveals something to us that shocks the podcast. (23:45-32:05) Our good friend Mark Titus joins the show to shoot the shit about everything for an hour, great interview and good vibes all around. (34:23-1:33:40) We finish with Fyre Fest of the week. (1:35:01-1:49:36)

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We stayed up for the basketall games. The Lakers are back and the Clippers are dead (2:55 – 19:17). No one can stop the Nets and we recap a little Hockey playoffs (19:17 – 24:43) . Brooks vs Bryson is the best and Bryson is still a tool (24:43 – 30:01). Hat roast for New Eras new MLB Hats (30:01 – 35:04). Hot Seat Cool Throne and we’re finding Joseph Kony (35:04 – 66:11). Muggsy Bogues joins the show to talk about being a short king, the 90’s Hornets, and having the coolest name of all time (66:11 – 91:32). Mick Foley aka Mankind joins the show to talk about his career, Vince McMahon and some awesome stories from the late 90’s (91:32 – 105:47). We finish up with guys on Chicks.

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Wild sports weekend starts with Phil Mickelson winning the PGA Championship and as Brooks guys we’re happy for Phil (3:30 – 19:19) . The Caps get bounced from the playoffs (19:19 – 25:28). NBA playoffs began and we talk about every series including Lebron’s theatrics, the Mecca being back, and the Nets trying to make Brooklyn a thing (25:58 -49:51) . Talking F1 (49:51 – 52:29). Who’s back of the week (52:29 – 65:09). Paul Bissonnette joins the show to talk playoff hockey, John Tavares, Tom Wilson, and who will win the Stanley Cup (65:09 – 104:59). We finish with a Monday Reading and Big Cat talks about having baby number 2 #girldad.

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The best sports podcast there is. Hands down.

On “Pardon My Take,” Big Cat & PFT Commenter deliver the loudest and most correct sports takes in the history of the spoken word. Daily topics, guests, and an inability to tell what the hosts might be doing will make this your new favorite sports talk show. This is a podcast that will without a doubt change your life for the better- guaranteed, or your money back. *Pretend a reggaeton air horn is going off right now* PMT.