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Sep 02, 2016

Phil Steele and Stingray Steve 09/02/16

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Wrap up of the trip to Minnesota and the Teddy Bridgewater aftermath (2:09 - 9:28). Fantasy football season and the guys discuss a very difficult fantasy problem as well as Mt Rushmore of fantasy guys (9:29 - 23:00). College football expert Phil Steele joins the show to discuss the upcoming season (24:10 - 38:05). Stingray Steve joins the show to talk about Miss St, Internet Catfishing, and his excitement for the 2016 season (38:05 - 48:25) . Segments include "PR 101", "Uhhh Ya Think", "Talking Soccer", "Respect The Biz", a debut of "Just Chill Out Man" and weekly Jimbos
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Aug 31, 2016

Dave Wannstedt 08/31/16

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The guys have traveled from Las Vegas and are now in Minnesota ready to save Vikings fans from the disastrous Teddy Bridgewater injury (2:00 - 15:19). Mt Rushmore of tailgate activities (15:19 - 24:45). FOX NFL and CFB analyst Dave Wannstedt joins the show to talk about the upcoming season, being a football guy, and what his first change was after taking over the Chicago Beats from Mike Ditka (24:45 - 49:41). Segments include the debut of "As A White Guy" (50:41 - 53:49) as well as "Sabermetrics", "Peter King Ate The Trash Again", "Thoughts And Prayers" for the Sun at the Tim Tebow try out, and "Spoilers"
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Aug 28, 2016

Pat McAfee (And Adam Vinatieri) 08/29/16

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Live from Las Vegas for the NFL Super contest the guys introduce the 4th member of the crew for the upcoming football season (1:44 - 7:22). Debut of the Pardon My Take merchandise and shareholding system as well as Colin Kaepernick talk from this weekend(7:22 - 15:52). Mt Rushmore of worst cities in America(15:52 - 24:42). Pro Bowl punter Pat McAfee joins the show to talk punting, preseason and the Colts upcoming season (24:43 - 50:47). Segments include Respect The Biz, Hurt or Injured for Tony Romo, Sabermetrics, Mike Greenberg's Dumb Rules, and the wildest Hot in the streets with Hank to date.
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Aug 25, 2016

Charissa Thompson 08/26/16

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The guys talk Joey Bosa contract (4:56 - 9:10) and Rex Ryan gaining 30 pounds since Rob Ryan's move to Buffalo (9:10 - 15:52). Mt Rushmore of finger foods (15:52 - 25:51). Charissa Thompson joins the show to talk Seahawks, her obsession with showers, working at FOX and a VERY famous person in her cell phone (15:52 - 51:31). Segments include Talking Soccer, Respect The Biz a,nd Jimbos of the week.
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Madden Day is officially here and the guys are ready to celebrate by not playing the new Madden (1:02 - 7:01). It's also little League World Series season which means mic'd up coaches acting a little too nice for the cameras (7:02 - 11:10). Mt Rushmore of Sad Songs (11:10 - 20:42). Scott Van Pelt joins the show for rapid fire questions, talk about the famous voicemail, and a phone call to Tiger Woods (21:42 - 55:32). Segments include "Respect The Biz", "Thoughts and Prayers", "Hmmm", and new segments "Sports Psychiatrist" and "Peter King ate the trash again".
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Aug 21, 2016

Scott Van Pelt Part 1 08/22/16

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Olympic wrap up and what was our big takeaway from Rio. UFC 202 recap and an impromptu Mt Rushmore of baseball manager fighting styles. Mt Rushmore of Power Moves. Scott Van Pelt from ESPN joins the show in part 1 of his interview to discuss working at ESPN, Sportscenter, and the media world. Segments include Hurt or Injured, Olympic Update, Talking Soccer, Please Respect The Biz, and Uhhhh Hey JJ
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Aug 18, 2016

Blake Bortles and Jon Anik 08/19/16

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Ryan Lochte's international incident is now the story of the Olympics and gets a PR 101 from all angles. Mt Rushmore of "Football Guys" with a bonus Rushmore of football guy FUPAs. Jon Anik joins the show to talk UFC 202, whether or not the Diaz/McGregor feud is real, and if Rovell's name is no longer allowed to be mentioned at UFC headquarters. Blake Bortles joins for our weekly Wikipedia Club (This month's discussion is shorts and banana boats). Segments include Spinzone for DeAndre Jordan, Sorry not Sorry for Danny Kanell, Please Respect the Biz and Jimbos of the week sponsored by RGIII getting his new girlfriend's name tattooed on his arm.
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Aug 17, 2016

Conor Dwyer and Michael Phelps 08/17/16

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Olympics and a breakdown of who is the alpha dog amongst the NBC analysts. Mt Rushmore of backup QB's. Olympic gold medalist Conor Dwyer joins the show to talk about Rio and peeing in pools as well as a phone call to Michael Phelps. Segments include "Thoughts and Prayers" for Colin Kaepernick and Danny Kanell's travel woes. Spinzone for Aaron Hernandez. Debut of the segment "Protect The Shield" and "Please Respect The Biz" for the reporter denied a Jadeveon Clowney interview.
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The best sports podcast there is. Hands down.

On “Pardon My Take,” Big Cat & PFT Commenter deliver the loudest and most correct sports takes in the history of the spoken word. Daily topics, guests, and an inability to tell what the hosts might be doing will make this your new favorite sports talk show. This is a podcast that will without a doubt change your life for the better- guaranteed, or your money back. *Pretend a reggaeton air horn is going off right now* PMT.