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Nov 24, 2020

ZBT #318: Fish Farts Nearly Started A War

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Round 1: It’s Thanksgiving Week so we are gonna talk about what other podcasts dont have the courage to on this holiday. Farts and their threats to national security, not just here but especially in the waters off Sweden.

Round 2: I wanna play a game. Let’s see if this headline is about US enlisted troops or Russians. Seven people died after drinking hand sanitizer when the party ran out of booze.

Round 3: Reported to the barracks manager or to news outlets by Sex Pistols star Johnny Rotten: “I got my penis bitten by fleas because I was keeping squirrels as pets.

Round 4: A finally, to wrap things up, we are gonna talk about some things we are thankful for. For example, Im thankful that Im not like this british bloke who is suffering from blindness and paralysis in a hospital in India after being bitten by a snake while battling coronavirus, malaria and dengue fever.

Song at the end is “Girl’s Club” by Marc Rebillet

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Nov 20, 2020

ZBT #317: Chaplain Arrested For Heinous Crime

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ROUND 1: We’ll say a little prayer for you, sir… MPs handcuff & detain a National Guard chaplain in Kuwait … for wearing headphones

ROUND 2: If you were dishonorably discharged from the fallout after an assault or suicide attempt there may be hope, the Army is now reviewing its process along with thousands of dishonorable discharges.

ROUND 3: Scott O’Grady, the new Assistant SecDef of International Security Affairs, is mad online, sliding in DMs & challenging folks to “say it to his face”. Some might be concerned but I love it.

ROUND 4: Mold & leaks & bugs aside there’s another downside to base housing… a neighbor’s porn playing on your AppleTV at 3am…

ROUND 5: A new report ranks U.S. Military branches from strong to weak. The results aren’t great… it’s totally not you though!

Song at the end is “Boats and Hoes” by Prestige Worldwide

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Nov 17, 2020

ZBT #316: Goodbye Space Force?

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Round 1: Time to talk a little more about stealin stuff. One of our clepto pals decided it would be a good idea to steal the blood of the pope. Not the current pope but John Paul II.

Round 2: Will President Elect Biden get rid of the Space Force? Rumors are out of control saying that Kate’s favorite branch of service will be brought out back and…. I dont wanna say it…. Shot in the head.

Round 3: The new Acting Sec Def came in hot with his “welcome aboard” briefing. We are gonna go through the memo to see if we think it’s actually good, good, ok, bad, or actually bad.

Round 4: Unsolved Mysteries: the navy is still looking for their longest-running fugitive. 15 years ago, this sailor escaped the brig. He’s still on the lamb.

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Nov 13, 2020

ZBT #315: Kate And The Sausage Castle-A Journey

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ROUND 1: Kate went down to the ole Sausage castle and lived to tell about it. Buckle up because it’s quite the story.

ROUND 2: The only U.S. soldier known to have escaped from enemy captivity in Africa, ran over 20 miles across the Sahara Desert in 120 degree heat to save his pals…. And in true military fashion he’s having trouble getting the military to recognize that even decades later.

ROUND 3: New DoD advisor had some Marine either 1. Whoop his ass when he was a boot 2. Had a marine heavily kiss with tongue his girlfriend and as a result wants to get rid of our beloved Corps.

ROUND 4: We have a few volunteers for firewatch this weekend. One is a thief going around Houston stealing items from disabled veterans vehicles during military balls and the other one is Kate Hudson.

Song at the end is “99 Red Balloons” covered by Goldfinger

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Round 1: Veterans Day is upon us. We are gonna give some advice about the types of profile pictures you need to prove your veteraniness.

Round 2: In a veterans day tradition like no other, we are gonna tell you where you can get free shit. FREE SHIT FREE SHIT FREE SHIT

Round 3: BRRRTTTTTT. An A-10 Pilot was awarded a Distinguished Flying Cross this week because of a daring landing that he made without most of his plane.

Round 4: With Alex Trebec’s tragic passing, we are gonna have a little military jeopardy!

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Nov 06, 2020

ZBT #313: Yoga Pants Are Now Authorized

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ROUND 1: Upbeat, lighthearted Election chat! No seriously.

ROUND 2: Is someone staring at your yabbos or are they just trying to see your rank? That’s a problem the Navy is addressing with new patches, and we’ll keep you abreast of the situation.

ROUND 3: If you ever got in big trouble for something real small you’re going to HATE this story of a Marine Lt. Col. getting off scott-free after stealing several expensive items from the PX.

ROUND 4: Speaking of punishments, we asked for your best examples and we’re going to decide if things were fair or not.

ROUND 5: Yoga pants in the PX are now a-go. Is this as bad as using an umbrella?

Song at the end is The Weeknd’s “Blinding Lights” covered by Teddy Swims

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Round 1: Big-time America and voting vibes this week. The question everyone is asking does it get more American than the fella sitting in a waiting room just reading the ole constitution?

Round 2: Trash here. Get your trash here. Ice cold American military trash here. Gear adrift is a gift and no one is experiencing that old adage like our pals in Kandahar.

Round 3: Nature is healing. SEAL Team 6 took part in a raid to rescue an American who was being held hostage. Killin is their business, baby girls. And business is good.

Round 4: Fat Leonard Trial rages on and some of the details are awesome. Illegal… but awesome.

Round 5: Election Quiz.

Song at the end is a WAP cover by Leo Moracchioli

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Oct 30, 2020

ZBT #311: Haunted Military Halloween Special

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ROUND 1: HALLOWEEN IS UPON US – We share some of the SpoOoOkiest haunted military spots the top 5 scariest sounds in the military

ROUND 2: Move aside Aunt Becky, we’ve got a case of GI Bill fraud out of San Diego that’ll make you say, HAVE MERCY

ROUND 3: A Navy vet is going viral on Facebook for exposing gross, moldy food troops get on their plates & we’ll be honest, we puked in our mouths a little bit

ROUND 4: New MRE on the way & this one is gonna plug you up like a, well, like a butt plug I guess

ROUND 5: ZBT social roasted the Air Force for heated blanket goofin’ this week but way deep down? We’re jealous.

Song at the end is the Halloween theme song remixed by HBz

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Michael Goland
Dec 09, 2019

Zero Blog Thirty is a military podcast presented by Barstool  Sports that’s listenable for the most crusty of veterans, the bootest of boots, or people who have never touched a weapon in their life. Through the eyes of enlisted Marines and a West Point trained officer, Zero Blog Thirty is like sitting at the online-bar of the VFW and having a virtual cold one with your buddies